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Moving beyond Darwinian notions of evolution with the humble fruit fly

Tara-Lyn Camilleri-Carter is a PhD Candidate from Monash University in Australia. She recently published a literature review in Journals of Gerontology titled “ transgenerational obesity and healthy ageing in drosophila ”. This article summarizes the existing evidence surrounding the idea that obese parents can pass on a predisposition for poor health outcomes to their offspring. In order to improve population health, it is crucial to understand these risks and how they can present across multiple generations. The fruit fly ( Drosophila melanogaster ) is used to model and study these evolutionary challenges. Tara-Lyn is passionate about evolutionary ecology and conservation, and we chatted via Zoom about her recen t article and how her lab is expanding on our classical understanding of evolution by studying the fly. This is the first of a series of chats with women in science featuring their publications as leading authors. If you know someone who has recently published a scient