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Gene editing our way to a precision medicine future: novel KRAS models of pancreatic cancer

  Published! is a series of chats with women in science highlighting their publications as leading authors. If you know someone who has recently published a scientific manuscript who would like to chat with me, you can get in touch via Twitter  @laurenpoppi  or email < >. Dr Maria De La Paz Zafra Martin is a cancer biology postdoctoral fellow at Weill Cornell University in New York, who recently published an article in Cancer Discovery. Maria has spent the last few years developing new models of pancreatic cancer using cutting-edge gene editing technology. The models are based on mutations in a gene called ‘ KRAS ’ from human cancer patients. Maria tells us a bit about gene editing and its limitations, precision medicine, why it is important to stay adaptive as a scientist, and the importance of finding a happy and collaborative lab environment. You can read Maria and the Dow lab’s article in Cancer Discovery here . Congratulations on your publication, M