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Bring the scientists, the policy makers, and the diplomats together

Published! is a series of chats between GWIS member Lauren Poppi ( @laurenpoppi ) and women-identifying scientists who have recently published their work as first or corresponding authors. If you, a colleague, or someone you know has recently published, you can get in touch via Twitter ( @laurenpoppi ) or email <>. Dr. Lyndsey Gray is a recent Ph.D. graduate at Colorado State University who has spent the last few years studying mosquito-transmitted malaria in West Africa. Lyndsey is a Sustainability Leadership Fellow, a P.E.O. Scholar, and the former President of the Northern Colorado GWIS Chapter. Lyndsey's master’s training in public health majoring in infectious disease epidemiology, together with her time in the Peace Corps, sparked a dual interest in science and policy. Along with several co-authors, Lyndsey penned a commentary in Science Magazine titled, “Integrate US science and diplomacy”. You can read the article here .  I caught up with Lyn