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We are not static! The brain is wired for learning.

Published! is a series of chats with women in science highlighting their publications as leading authors. If you know someone who has recently published a scientific manuscript who would like to chat with me, you can get in touch via Twitter @laurenpoppi or email <>. Taehyeon Kim is a PhD Candidate from the University of Pittsburgh Center for Neuroscience who studies motor learning in Dr. Bryan (Mac) Hooks’ laboratory. Taehyeon, together with Dr. Bryan Hooks and Dr. Claire E.J. Cheetham, recently published a textbook chapter in Neural Circuit and Cognitive Development titled “Circuit development in somatosensory cortex”. You can find the chapter here on ScienceDirect. Taehyeon came to the USA from Korea almost 15 years ago as an international student, and has since become a neuroscientist who uses cutting-edge techniques to study development and motor learning. We chatted about Taehyeon’s research journey, the excitement of seeing neurons communicat