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A timely update on the dynamic blood-brain barrier in health and disease

Published! is a series of chats with women in science highlighting their publications as leading authors. If you know someone who has recently published a scientific manuscript who would like to chat with me, you can get in touch via Twitter @laurenpoppi or email < >. Catie Profaci is a PhD candidate from UC San Diego who studies the blood-brain barrier in the laboratory of Dr. Richard Daneman. Here, we discuss Catie’s recently published review, titled “The blood-brain barrier in health and disease: important unanswered questions” published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine in 2020. You can find the article here . We talk about the moment Catie realized she wanted to study the blood-brain barrier, its role as an ‘early domino’ in brain disease, imposter syndrome, and the project that Catie co-founded called “Stories of Women in Neuroscience”. You can subscribe to the podcast here . The blood vessels in the brain have a number of sp